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Viognier 2021
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Viognier 2019
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Where are we?

A boutique New Zealand vineyard, celebrating more than 20 years of making award winning wines.

Hawkes Bay lies on the North Island’s eastern coastline and is New Zealand’s second largest wine region. Comprising of 1.4 million hectares of mountains, hills and river flats, the Hawkes Bay region offers a diverse set of soil types in an area largely sheltered from the harshness of New Zealand’s weather extremes. Four rivers flow from the mountains to the sea and have created a unique growing region. It was not surprising therefore, that Hawkes Bay became the home of some of New Zealand’s oldest wineries.


Like the founding growers of Hawkes Bay, we at Silverton Estate have recognised and celebrated the unique terroir of the region’s area known as Moteo, planting varieties such as Syrah, Merlot, Viognier. These varieties are most suited to our soil type and warm summers.


Our stand out label reflects the wine’s quality origins and the colours of the Moteo Terroir, with the silver lines capturing the clear waters of one of Hawkes Bay main rivers,the Tutaekuri . It is  a wonderful synergy of colour, taste and distinction and we proudly present it to you.

Where are we?

Moteo Terroir

Silverton Estate grapes are grown in a Bordeaux-esque microclimate of free draining soils with profiles of limestone, red tephra and clay.


Our distinctive ‘Terroir’, land topography, and climate, are key features of our premium brand's point of difference.

Terroir of the Moteo region is complex in that soil deposits can vary widely within half a kilometre of each other.


Soils in this area range from alluvial sand, permeable gravel deposits, glacial fluvial soils, limestone, to red tephra of geothermal origin.


To add to this, uplift from volcanic and tectonic events has repeatedly altered the courses of the Tutaekuri and Ngaruroro Rivers leaving the Moteo area a “spaghetti” of criss-crossing interconnected gravel channels, and underground streams.


Silverton Estate lies on an ancient, elevated river terrace. Gravel, limestone and red tephra appear amongst the geology, creating a free-draining soil of low fertility.

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Quality is the focus, quality is the outcome.

We consider that it is our unique terroir and micro-climate, along with strict viticultural practices, that produce Silverton Estate’s superb quality wines.

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